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Terminal emulator is an Android application that turns your Android device into an computer terminal.

It is useful for accessing the command line shell (built into every Android phone) or use custom one (installed separately). This allows you to run various command line utilities.

"TermOne Plus" is an open source project licensed under "Apache License 2.0". It is successor of Jack Palevich's "Terminal Emulator for Android". Application development of is maintained publicly - source code repository, issue tracing and etc.

Main features </>

  • Navigation drawer;
  • Multiple windows;
  • Launcher short-cuts;
  • Shell start-up script;
  • Open http and rtsp URL on tap;
  • UTF-8 console;
  • Emulates reasonably large subset of Digital Equipment Corporation VT-100 terminal capabilities;
    Supported terminal types: vt100, screen (default), linux, screen-256color, xterm, xterm-256color.
  • Material design (icons, colors, etc);
  • Terminal text size;
  • Terminal screen color schemes like "Dark Pastels", "Solarized Light", "Solarized Dark", "Linux Console" and etc.
  • Light/Dark theme mode.
  • Localized for these languages and/or territories (locales): Basque (eu), Bulgarian (bg), Chinese (Simplified, China) (zh_Hans_CN) or (Traditional, Taiwan) (zh_Hant_TW), Czech (cs), Dutch (nl), French (fr), Georgian (ka), German (de), Hebrew (Israel) (iw), Hungarian (hu), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Norwegian Bokmål (nb), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt) or (Portugal) (pt_PT), Romanian (ro), Russian (ru), Serbian (sr), Slovak (sk), Spanish (es), Swedish (sv), Turkish (tr), Ukrainian (uk).
    The default language is English (en_US).
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Extra commands </>

  • All PKIX-SSH commands like ssh, sftp, scp, ssh-keygen and etc. are provided additionally from application "Secure Box".
  • All OpenSSL commands - also from application "Secure Box".

Downloads </>

Package source tarball could be downloaded from repository.

Android package is available on Google Play Store (QR code: [google play store] ) [google play store] .

As alternative could be downloaded from F-Droid catalog (QR code: [f-droid catalog] ) [f-droid catalog] .


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