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Privacy Policy </>

Application does not collect any personal information. ....

Translation </>

Translation of application is provided by volunteers. It is done using localized versions of XML resource-files stored in the term/src/main/res/values* directories of the source tree. Please read the official Android documentation - "Localizing with Resources".

To localize application into a new language you has to create new directory .../res/values-XXX/ and to copy into it files "strings.xml" and "arrays.xml" from directory .../res/values/ (default language). Then open files with a text editor and replace English text with text into your language. ....

Application Permissions </>

Every Android application could save its data in several ways. Private data is stored on "internal" storage either as files or ... . "External" storage is for the data accessible to other applications and the user. ... To access sensitive user data application must request appropriate permission. ... For instance read and write to "external" storage permissions are in group "STORAGE". ....

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